What are the opening hours of Loom Festival 2019?
The festival will take place on the 4th of May at Utopia 126, in Calle Cristóbal de Moura 126 in the area of Poblenou, Barcelona.
The venue will open its doors from 12am to 3pm, when Loom by Day will be presented, a new concept that will bring new cultural activities. Afterwards, the main event will start again at 4pm until 3am.

Is there a cut-off time to access the festival?
Yes, half and hour before closing time. At 2:30am

Where can I find the festival line-up?
You can find all the information regarding the line-up in our web page, Facebook page, or our Instagram.

How can I get to the Festival?
The location of the festival is a few minutes away from the Selva de Mar station (Metro L4 and Tram T4), and it is close to the stop of the 7 and H16 buses as well. You can also get there with private transport, a taxi, or cabify from the city center. (15 min approx.)

Can I bring my camera?

Is there a map of the festival?
Yes, there will be maps hung up throughout the venue.

Will there be a cloackroom?
No, big size backpacks and helmets are not allowed in the festival.

Is there a lost property stand?
Yes, by the entrance.

Will there be a first aid point?

Will it be possible to charge your cell phone?

Are food and drinks allowed inside?
No, food and all liquids will be confiscated at the entrance.

Is smoking allowed?
Smoking is allowed in the designated separate areas.

Will I be able to buy gluten free beer?

Will I be able to buy tobacco?

Will there be a Wifi I can access?

Will I be able to buy food?
Yes, we will have a variety of only vegetarian and vegan options of food due to environmental issues.

Will I be able to buy free of gluten food?
Yes. (TBC)

Can I bring animals?

Are there any age restrictions?
No. Minors under 14 can attend for free, as long as they are accompanied by a legal guardian or family member. Minors over 14 years old will have to be in possession of an entrance, and be accompanied by a legal guardian or family member as well. Minors over 16 years can enter on there own.
Under no condition will alcohol be sold to minors.

Is there site access for people with disabilities?

Are there bathrooms for people with disabilities?

Do children have to pay?
Yes, from ages 14 and above.

Will there be security?

Will there be complaint forms available to the customers?
Yes, you will be able to ask for them at the entrance.

Will a printed programme be available?
Yes, a fanzine will be handed to all the visitors.

Where can I purchase tickets?
You can buy the tickets through this link. You can also find the link to buy the tickets, through Resident Advisor, on our different platforms. (Web, Facebook, Instagram).

Will there be lockers at the festival?

Can I purchase a ticket for a friend?

What should I do if I haven’t received a confirmation mail for my tickets?
Contact Resident Advisor.

Can I get a receipt for my tickets?
Yes, through Resident Advisor.

What should I do if I lose my ticket?
Contact Resident Advisor.

Can I leave the festival and get back in?

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